Thursday, April 4, 2013

Own your Experience

You might have met few difficult people in your life. If you want to have positive experience with such people, you must be ready to increase your positivity. I know it is easier to say than done. But here are few tips, which I applied at my work life and in personal life and I am benefited a lot.

1. To have positive experience you need to have positive emotions.
To have positive emotions you have to have positive thoughts. Your thoughts are like seed. If you sow quality thoughts, you will reap quality fruits. And remember fruits don’t appear next day. You need to take good care of that seed by giving water, fertilizer and enough sun light. Relationship is also like that. You need to nurture it with love, care and patience. Never give up because great things take time.

2.Own your Experience.
If you are negative and the person whom you are working with is a negative person, you will a negative experience for sure. If you are a positive person and the person whom you are working with is a positive person, life is good and you will have a positive experience like music in your ears. What kind of experience will you have when you are positive and other person is negative? If you want to have a positive experience your positivity needs to be much more than the negativity of the other person. Your experience depends on you. You don’t have control over the other person but you can certainly have control on yourself and your emotions.


3.Give respect to get respect.
Are we beggar of respect? We generally think if other person didn’t give me respect, why should I give. If I give respect to you, at some point cause and effect, action and reaction is such that respect will be returned. No matter what you have done, if I have continually shown respect, off course balance has to change and respect comes back to me also. Energy is continuously flowing -- What you give, what you get. Begin to co-operate with others; others will start to co-operate with you and you will have beautiful relation developed.

4.Let it go
Every one is unique and wonderful the way they are. Accept them; embrace them as they are instead of finding fault in them, criticizing them. They are doing their job/role, and I need to do mine. By doing this, you won’t get upset with anyone. You will have healthy relationship with whom so ever you meet. If you keep sending away every person who challenges you, you will never grow. Some people are in your life to sharpen you. When you are in conflict with someone, respect other opinion first and then present your opinion. Good feelings and then good communication can resolve 90 % of conflicts. And 10 %, if you don’t agree let it go.

5. What goes around comes around. 
If nothing works for you, think I had done something in past and it is coming back to me. Have mercy for the other person. He/She might be in pain for doing such behavior. And you don't to give him/her more pain by giving negative energy. If you do send negative energy, negative will come back to you and vice verse, so choice is yours. Break this cycle of feeling hurt and giving hurt and only send positive energy. You will have beautiful relationship.