Friday, July 31, 2015

Lessons from My Autobiography

I am blessed that my autobiography is published by IEEE-USA on the following link

Here are the lessons from the various chapters of this e-book. You can read stories behind these lessons in my e-book.

  1. Have a dream and follow it through. Remind yourself from time to time that you can achieve anything you want.  
  2. Always help others, because giving is truly receiving.
  3. Sometimes, you simply have to accept failure, and move on. Just because you didn’t succeed in one opportunity isn’t the end of the story. Other opportunities will present themselves—and you will succeed!
  4. If you are lucky enough to find a good role model, let that person’s successes inspire you to achieve more.
  5. Comparing yourself to others can destroy your own self-esteem. Each of us has positive qualities that we only need to discover.
  6. The ability to communicate well with others is more important than how intelligent you are.
  7. Seek out positive ways to distinguish yourself from others. When you stand out from the crowd, you get noticed.
  8. A new job can offer an opportunity to quickly assess where your skills may be deficient. Don’t hesitate to get the extra training you need, so you can do your very best for your employer.
  9. Special assignments can be your opportunity to demonstrate your best abilities. In the process, you will learn new things and form new business relationships.
  10. Professional development is a continuing process. Be open to continuing to learn new skills.
  11. Develop good relationships with your colleagues. Not only can they help you shorten your learning curve on the job, but they also just might recommend you for your next one! 
  12. Superwoman is a fantasy. Don’t try to do it all, and remember to pace yourself.
  13. Learn to prioritize, and when to say “no.”
  14. Take care of yourself: Regular physical exercise is vital, as is getting enough sleep. And don’t forget to give yourself mental pats on the back for how well you’re paying attention to your needs!
  15. Don’t be afraid of new professional opportunities to learn and grow.
  16. Because we all spend our days at work, our professional colleagues are our extended family. Share your joy and positivity with them.
  17. None of us know when a tough situation will appear; nurture your spirit regularly, so you can stay positive and strong when you must.
  18. Never hold onto stress. Whatever it takes, do something about it!
  19. When you leave an organization, do it gracefully.
  20. Our energy is continuously flowing, and you get what you give. When you show respect and cooperate with others, they will cooperate with you.
One final note: Listen to criticism, but don’t take it personally. You are and will be your own best friend—and the master of your life!