Saturday, September 12, 2015

Tips to Empower the Self

All of us go through many different experiences throughout the day. I may feel empowered waking up in the morning but as day progresses I may not feel as empowered. There is a need to pay attention to my inner world and remind myself the following time and time again.
  • I can build self-awareness and my inner strength to lead a stress free life.
  • I will be nice to myself and talk to myself the way I talk to my good friend.
  • I can’t change people or situations, but I can take responsibility for my thinking and doing.
  • I will focus on myself from time to time to check what is going on within me. If I am lacking any power, I will connect with the powerhouse (God) to charge myself.
  • Living a happy and healthy life is my top priority and I will make every effort to take care of my inner world.
  • The way I give good food to my body and take a bath to keep it clean everyday, I will give healthy food to my mind and keep it clean everyday.
  • I am just an actor playing my role. Others are also actors playing their role. Every individual has different mental, emotional and intellectual states, hence he is bound to act differently. I don’t need to get upset looking at others' role.
  • I can generate happiness at the level of my thoughts.
  • I will protect my self from negative thoughts.
  • I will start the day with pure and powerful thoughts & appreciation.
  • If there are teachings, instructions, or corrections to be given, I will give them with a lot of love, and no trace of anger or negativity.
  • Peace and happiness cannot be found outside. Peace and happiness is a state of being.

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