Thursday, October 8, 2015

How to unleash the power of the mind:

First of all, to unleash the tremendous potential of mind, we need to understand –What is the mind?

The brain is physical and a doctor can operate on it but the mind is metaphysical.

You can define mind as TEAM

T- Thoughts

When we need to make a decision, we think and sometimes overthink. Thoughts are originated in the mind. You might have noticed- generally there are two inner voices going on in your head. One voice says – do it. While other says- do not. Now intellect will choose or make a decision based on the louder/dominating voice.

We all know that we want to hear our positive inner voices, which will make us feel good. Now question is- how to filter out negative inner voices? It takes a little attention and some hard work but it is doable. This is what I do to make my positive inner voice louder.

·      I start my day with positive thoughts like I am worthy, I have abundance, I am wonderful and I accept myself.
·      Throughout the day, I take short breaks and do a one-minute meditation.
·      I take a one-minute break after every hour to check my inner world. If something is bothering me, I clear my mind by doing positive thinking.
·      If nothing is bothering me, I do positive affirmation-I value myself; I believe in myself, I am a peaceful being.
·      Before going to bed, I do pay my gratitude to the supreme father for blessing me everyday.

In my next post I will write  – Where are the negative voices coming from?

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